Vitamin C Serum

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Taking oral vitamin C is good for your health, however the best way to use it for anti-aging is through direct application to the skin, where it can be absorbed for the most beneficial effects.


Our Vitamin C Serum is an anti-aging elixir made with wonderful natural and organic ingredients. The Vitamin C in our formulation is sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a STAY C 50 stabilized form which provides a concentrated delivery system that allows absorption through the skin and conversion to abscorbic acid ( Vitamin C) beneath the skin’s surface. There it stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the appearance of the skin for a more youthful healthy glow.


Vitamin C is the perfect ingredient for anti-aging skincare. Topical Vitamin C helps to prevent free radical damage on the skin’s surface caused by sun damage and pollutants. It also has regenerative properties below the skin’s surface, where it enhances the production of collagen resulting in an overall improvement in the skin’s appearance.


Our serum can also inhibit the synthesis of melatonin in the skin, reducing the production of age spots. As well it can be used as a skin brightening agent, reducing already existing brown spots and freckles, evening skin tone and creating a more lustrous complexion.


STAY C 50 can also inactivate certain bacteria types on the skin’s surface, making it a mild and natural anti-acne ingredient.


Packaged in an amber glass bottle for longer life and with a pump cap for ease of use, each bottle contains 30 mls of precious Vitamin C Serum for your skin. Pump several pumps of the serum into your palm. It is oil and odor free, with the exception of the scent of the natural ingredients. It is clear in appearance, and somewhat slippery in texture. Apply to a freshly washed face before moisturizing. Allow to fully absorb before applying any other product to the skin. Absorbs quickly and completely.


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